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EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap

EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap

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The EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap is designed to catch and reduce pantry moth infestations that can cause costly damage to your food. The EnviroSafe Pantry Moth Trap features our premium pheromone BioLure® – a powerful attractant to many problem moth species including meal moths, grain moths, flour moths, seed moths, almond moths, and tobacco moths. The EnviroSafe BioLure® is specially designed to contain more active ingredients than leading competitors and features a superior delivery method to guarantee longer-lasting and more effective results.

Place the trap in the cupboard, pantry or dry food storage areas for best results. The trap will attract moths within 3 metres of an infected food source, and is effective for a minimum of 3 months.

Once an infected food source has been identified, it should be immediately discarded to prevent larvae from spreading.

  • Helps identify and control costly pantry moth infestations
  • Unique and highly effective BioLure®
  • Unique and highly effective Bullet Lure
  • Guaranteed to last longer and catch more moths than competitor traps
  • Catches a wide range of problem moths: Indian meal moths, grain moths, flour moths, seed moths, almond moths and tobacco moths.
  • For use in pantries, cupboards or any dry food storage areas.