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Nutrition Clinic

Earth Market Wholefoods - Nutritionists Team

At Earth market Nutrition clinic our main aim is to empower people to take their health into their own hands by providing the knowledge and support they need to optimise good health & healing.

Primarily, we do this by taking things back to basics with a wholefood nutrition approach.

We help you cut through the confusion & misinformation regarding nutrition and healthy eating, giving you peace of mind and confidence.

Our team of qualified nutritionists utilise evidence-based practices in order to educate clients to ensure they hold the knowledge and tools long-term for maintaining good health and vitality.

Our Nutritionists

Manpi - Earth Market Nutritionist

Manpi Fischer - Nutritionist - BHSc in Nutritional Medicine

Having worked in the mental health sector for the past decade, Manpi has come to understand that our bodies and minds are often more powerful than we give them credit for. She is passionate about guiding people in their nutrition and in showing them how making informed choices and good changes can lead towards wholistic well-being and the strengthening of our bodies, minds and spirit. She offers a gentle and caring approach to people and is a strong encourager of both self-acceptance and self-love. 

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Jess Fischer - Earth Market Nutritionist

Jess Currey - Nutritionist – BHSc Nutrition

A qualified nutritionist and personal trainer with a passion for educating people on the simplicity of finding a balanced healthy approach to nutrition, fitness and wellbeing that can be maintained for life. Jess has overcome her own barriers on food restriction, dieting and over-exercising. Add this to her studies and experience in the health and fitness industry, she is well equipped to guide others on their health journey. Jess is an absolute foodie who loves nothing better than recreating healthy alternative recipes and gets way too excited over meal prepping for when life gets busy – no excuses!!!

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Julia Goodfellow - Earth Market Nutritionist

Julia Goodfellow - Nutritionist – BHSc Nutritional Medicine

Julia’s therapeutic approach is evidence-based, and relies on both traditional knowledge and scientific clinical trials to formulate her treatment protocols.  She specialises in whole food plant-based (WFPB) nutrition for optimal wellbeing and the prevention and management of chronic disease, with a particular emphasis on digestive health.

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